Why fewer posts of late?

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the slower post updates over the past two weeks. My intentions to create and share great content with you guys hasn't stopped I've just been on vacation in Florida for a couple of weeks with my family.

On top of that to make issues doubly hard my 5 year old Macbook MagSafe charger has started to pack in. Initially it started to change intermittently then not at all. As you can see in the post image one of the pins is 'in' but with MagSafe's it should spring out. Unfortunately it's difficult to get UK MagSafe adapters over here and with shipping times it's just not possible to get it back in time with flights etc so again apologies. Back in the UK late on Tuesday so should be able to sort it after that.

On the plus side it was a really enjoyable break with the family - sometimes you need that break to keep your energy up so you can keep creating engaging content.

Hopefully I should get everything sorted in the next week when I get the Macbook back - creating content on an iPhone is a pain!

James Murphy

Java dev by day, entrepreneur by night. James has 10+ years experience working with some of the largest UK businesses ranging from the BBC, to The Hut Group finally finding a home at Rentalcars.

Manchester, UK
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