Rideways: World's No#1 Ground Transport Provider (We're hiring!)

Two years ago, we began a journey at Rideways to become the number one player in the Ground Transportation space.

Sounds like "Business Speak"?

Basically we want to be the number one provider for customers purchasing a taxi, bus, train or shared shuttle from point A to point B. We specialise in Airport transfers since we are primarily a vacation or city-break focused company, however, we're flexible enough to offer transportation from anywhere to literally anywhere else.

We offer transfer options in over 800 locations worldwide, across most countries and in over 27 different currencies and in 22 different languages.

Whilst I can't disclose all the nitty-gritty details, what I can tell you is that since a month ago, when we had just two development teams with less than a dozen engineers, we've now doubled in size looking to treble in size over the next 6 months. It's safe to say it's an exciting time to join us with our insane expansion and scalability plans. I don't think it's a stretch to argue that, with this in mind, the projects we have over the next few years will provide some of the greatest challenges you will find certainly in the North West if not the whole of the North of England from a technical and scalability perspective.

It truly is an exciting time to join us.

Why Rideways?

I've worked for a number of the biggest players in the North West, from Autotrader to The Hut Group through to the BBC. I have to say having experience working for all of them, I believe Rentalcars and the Priceline Group to be one company to have gone out of it's way to spend significant effort in looking after their staff. Our staff morale is paramount to the future success of our projects and our business and we believe that employees should be rewarded for their hard work and contribution.

Our value is in our staff more than our software.

So, why work for Rideways specifically?

Since joining as a Senior Software Engineer back in August 2015, I've been lucky enough to have experienced a whirlwind of a journey. Rideways was essentially a start-up within an umbrella organisation. We have the flexibility of a start-up culture with the backing of a huge Fortune 500 company, Priceline Group. Which means flexibility but without the cost of stability and we don't expect you to work insane hours (but you can if you want!). Your work-life balance it's really up to you. At Rideways and Rentalcars.com we treat you like an adult and make you accountable like an adult for the work that you do.

We work within the constraints of Rentalcars.com structure but due to the nature of the department and brand being entirely separate, we have many of the freedoms to operate how we would like to operate. We have our own tooling and costs and can feel free to adopt processes that fit this part of the business.

Our infrastructure is entirely on the cloud (Amazon Web Services) so we have the freedoms to pick and choose our architecture. Whether it be serverless, monoliths or microservices, the choice is ours to make. The right tool for the right job.

10 Reasons Why Our Engineers Love Working for Us

The internet loves to have numbered lists so I thought what the hell. Why break a bad habit right?! So here are my 10 reasons why Engineers love working for us:

10% Time

At Rideways we encourage innovation and we appreciate Engineers who have their own ideas. That's why we support 10% time that we like to call Innovation Friday (or I prefer to call it Freedom Friday gotta love alliterations).

Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean you can spend 10% of your time working on whatever you like, but it does mean you can spend focused time each week on a side-project that will benefit the business.

We also expect you to be accountable so if you choose a project you'll need to have a stakeholder and be responsible for delivering the idea to the business.


At Rideways we support your growth as an Engineer and a person. That's why you'll be given the opportunity to go to conferences. I was lucky enough to attend Devoxx London this year and got to see some really great talks by industry leaders. So want to go to a conference? You'll be able to go as long as the conference is within budget.


We're starting to roll-out a new way of evaluating people's individual performance. By using OKR (Objectives and Key Results) metrics, we can align the goals of the business with your own goals, so you can see how much progress you are making whilst pushing the business forward.

In-role promotion

In a start-up environment you can be stuck in a particular role for a while, that's not the case with Rideways. We promote people in-role if we feel they are doing they are peforming in a role what's needed for the business. To give an example, I joined as a Senior Software Engineer and have now been promoted to Engineering Lead with the responsibility of a cross-discipline team of 6 people.

Clear Career Paths

The benefits of working within a much larger organisation, is that you have more certainty. Career paths and progression is more clearly laid out for you. You can currently take two tracks within Rideways. Either you want to progress on a managerial route, which means Engineering Lead or go the more technical route of a Principal Software Engineer.

The choice is up to you!


We support openness and straight-talking. One of our values as part of our parent company, Rentalcars. That means we support Engineers talking directly and being open and candid with our managers in 1-2-1 sessions. This is an opportunity to not only see how you are progressing against your OKRs but also to talk about anything that might be on your mind.


Our socials are legendary. From paintballing to go-karting, our business supports close teamwork and that means awesome socials! In Rideways we have a "Fun Team" who organise regular social events so we can compliment working hard with playing harder! We don't force fun though... it's really up to you how much fun you have.

We also have great bi-annual celebrations at the end of peak (August/September) and Christmas which we share with our parent company Rentalcars.


So many benefits to name with working for Rentalcars and Rideways. As of now we have access to many discounts via Perkbox for example you can save 4% on your weekly shop, money off at Amazon or get 30-40% discounts on cinema tickets - that's just a few awesome benefits I use.

Free fruit, breakfast and juice any time you want it and the canteen food is ridiculously great value not to mention fresh and it tastes great! Tax-free travel loans to help you pay for your annual train or tram tickets, cycle-scheme and childcare vouchers. There's really too many to list!


Last but not least, we currently have an annual bonus scheme where all employees receive a bonus tied to business and personal performance. Obviously this is discretionary and based on whether the business is growing and performing strongly, however, from my experience in the past this has been anywhere between 6-12% of salary based on performance.

It's nice to be valued and here at Rideways that's we like to do. You've built a great business and we're helping support the best you!

Where do I sign up?

If that's peaked your interest an you're interested in working for us we have a number of different roles available from Software Engineer (front and backend), Principal or Engineering Leads to Test Engineers.

We offer generous relocation packages so if you want to join from Europe or even further abroad we're open to it.

Think you've got what it takes? Apply for one of roles below. Alternatively you can message me at developerangst@gmail.com if you're interested. I'd be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have...

Hope to hear from you soon!

Rideways Vacancies

Principle Software Engineer (Rideways)

Product Owner (Rideways)

Software Engineering Manager (Mobility - London)

Software Engineer (Mobility - London)

Commercial Manager (Rideways)

Mobile Engineering Lead (Mobility)

More roles coming soon... Contact me at developerangst@gmail.com if you're interested or private message me on Twitter Devangst or want to apply for Software Engineer, Senior or Test Engineer roles.

All Rentalcars.com vacancies

Alternatively if you'd like to work at our parent company Rentalcars.com you can take a look via our jobs board:

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James Murphy

Java dev by day, entrepreneur by night. James has 10+ years experience working with some of the largest UK businesses ranging from the BBC, to The Hut Group finally finding a home at Rentalcars.

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